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Wallpaper Removal Pittsburgh

Rejuvenate Your Life And Your Walls With This Simple Remedy.

wallpaper removal pittsburgh pa

Got some ugly looking wallpaper that needs removing?

Want some help removing it?

Then look no further. You need our wallpaper removal Pittsburgh service.

We’re the best when it comes to removing wallpaper.

We have the tools and experience to remove any wallpaper without ruining your walls.

Don’t trust removal to just anyone.

You could wind up with an even uglier wall.

Trust your wallpaper removal with our experts that have experience with all sorts of wallpaper.

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Give us a call today and one of our wallpaper removal specialists will answer all your questions and get you setup for your wallpaper removal.

We get a lot of questions about wallpaper removal. Here are a few answers you may find useful.

Is DIY wallpaper removal easy?

You may be tempted to search “wallpaper removal near me” right away, but let’s first consider DIY.

So is it easy?

That depends. Here are few tips that should help keep it simple.

First, removing wallpaper can be a real nightmare if you don’t have the right tools for the job. So get a putty knife, rags, soap, and water.

Second, having a bunch of junk in your way is asking for problems. So move everything out of your way.

Finally, make sure you peel the paper from the wall pulling as close as possible. This makes sure you don’t tear it and have to start a new piece.

If you’re dealing with traditional wallpaper this process gets a little more involved. If you don’t feel like messing with it give us a call. We’re pros at wallpaper removal.

How much does wallpaper removal cost?

When it comes to wallpaper removal, there are two main things that contribute to cost: square footage and the type of wallpaper you have.

First, square footage. This ones straight forward. The more you have the more it costs.

Second, type of wallpaper. Some newer types of wallpaper are easier than older types of wall paper to remove. Basically, the more involved the process to remove the wallpaper the more the cost.

If you need a quote to remove your wallpaper give us a call or fill out our quote form.

How often should I replace my wallpaper?

We recommend every 10 years. Most wallpaper will last longer than this, but we find this to be a good number.


Because walls get damaged. Smoke, pollution, scuff marks, scrapes, or whatever. This adds up. Refreshing your walls every 10 years gives them a facelift and you an uplift.

Plus it’s fun to change things up. You don’t have to wait 10 years if you don’t like your walls. Do it now!

Give us a call and we’ll help you create something new and inviting.

We know trying to find a company that meets your needs can seem like an uphill battle. We've been doing this for years. We've worked hard to build a reputation we can be proud of. And we have.

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Again, thank you for considering Pix Painters in Pittsburgh, PA.