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Painters Pittsburgh

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Painters Pittsburgh

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Painters Pittsburgh

Painters Pittsburgh

Painters Pittsburgh

Painters Pittsburgh

Painters Pittsburgh

Painters Pittsburgh

Painters Pittsburgh

Painters Pittsburgh

Floor Painting Pittsburgh

Is you floor looking tired and run down? Is the paint chipping exposing the surface beneath? Are you not wanting to paint your floor yourself? Then you are a great fit for our floor painting Pittsburgh service. We’ve painted tons of different surfaces, floors being one of them. Our professionals will have your old looking floor looking vibrant and new. We follow a proven process to insure perfection and long lasting beauty. First, they will remove any carpeting, obstructions, or old paint from the floor. We use special materials and tools to get the floor into a good position for […]

Ceiling Painting Pittsburgh

Is your ceiling looking a little worn down? Are you afraid to invite guests over because of the stains on your ceiling? Don’t know how to do ceiling painting yourself? Then you need our ceiling painting Pittsburgh service. We know exactly what it takes to get your ceiling looking like new. We use a proven ceiling painting process to paint your ceiling so that it looks great for years to come. First we use special equipment to prep the drywall. This insures the painting surface is in the best possible condition to accept paint and give a flawless finish. We […]

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Pittsburgh

Do your cabinets look boring? Do you hate the color? Then give us a call and give our kitchen cabinet painting Pittsburgh service a go. We’ll turn your cabinets into something you love to look at. We have the best tools and use the best paint. Your cabinets will look brand new. Don’t trust the center of your home to amateur painters. Our experienced craftsmen will paint your masterpiece. You’ll feel like home in your kitchen again. Do you have questions about the painting process? Want to get an idea how much it will cost you? Give us a call […]

Interior Painting Pittsburgh

Is the inside of your home looking like yesterday’s colors? Do you walk through your home and see scuff marks in your paint? Do you have that one wall that you’ve hated since you moved in and want its color changed? Are you embarrassed to have company over for fear they’ll stare at your horrid walls? Then you’ve come to the right place. Our interior painting Pittsburgh service is what you need. We do interior painting. There’s no job to complicated. We do it all. We’ve got the expertise and equipment to handle any interior job. Our goal is your […]

Exterior Painting Pittsburgh

Is the outside paint job looking a little outdated? Are there signs of wear and tear in your exterior paint? Then you’ve come to the right place. You qualify for our exterior painting Pittsburgh service. We paint both residential and commercial exteriors. We’re expert exterior painters with an eye for detail. There’s no exterior paint job we can’t handle. We’ve got the equipment to handle the most difficult exterior paint jobs. Don’t trust your investment with just any painters. Let our professional painters turn your home or building into a work of art. Got questions? Need to get a quote? […]

Wallpaper Removal Pittsburgh

Got some ugly looking wallpaper that needs removing? Want some help removing it? Then look no further. You need our wallpaper removal Pittsburgh service. We’re the best when it comes to removing wallpaper. We have the tools and experience to remove any wallpaper without ruining your walls. Don’t trust removal to just anyone. You could wind up with an even uglier wall. Trust your wallpaper removal with our experts that have experience with all sorts of wallpaper. Have questions? Want a quote? Give us a call today and one of our wallpaper removal specialists will answer all your questions and […]

Pro Painters Answer Your Common Paint Estimate Questions

The painting labor cost per square foot for any paint job depends on the company providing the service. To acquire this number call the company and request a quote. The average cost of painting a room is dependent on the skills of the painting company. More skilled laborers will increase the average cost. Less skilled painters will lower it. To get a true average, get several quotes, add, then divide by the total number of quotes. A house painting cost estimator is a great way to get a quick painting estimate without having to talk to a painter. But, use […]

Painters Pittsburgh FAQ

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) Answers to commonly asked questions from our experts. Why should I consider your residential and commercial painting services? Because this Pittsburgh painting company will drastically improve the look and value of your home or business. We’ll add aesthetic appeal to your property for years to come. We go a long way to ensure the job is thoroughly completed to meet your highest expectations. Whether you’re looking to paint a small room inside your home or you need a larger-scale project like an apartment complex, our services can make your life a whole lot easier. What’s included […]

FAQ About House Painters Near Me

How much does it cost to hire someone to paint your house? The cost to hire someone to paint your house depends on several factors. The key factors involved will be time spent painting your home as well as the amount of paint used. The more time it takes to paint your home the more it will cost. The more paint used to paint your home the more it will cost. Expect the price to be between $2,000 to $10,000 for an average size home. Less for small jobs and more for large jobs. For example painting your kitchen cabinets […]

FAQ Exterior Painting Pittsburgh PA

How much does a painter charge per square foot exterior? Every painter in Pittsburgh is different when it comes to charging for exterior house painting. But, all painters tend to charge within a particular range. We’ve been around and done some research on how much a painter tends to charge per square foot for the exterior of your home. Here’s the data… The avg price per square foot tends to fall between $0.45 and $3.45. Why such a big difference? Well, there’s several things going on here. First, the end points of that price range are painters that have no […]

Environmentally Safe Way To Clean Paint Brushes

Keeping the environment safe should be everyone’s responsibility. We at Pix understand this and strive to make it a standard. When it comes to the environment, paint is not very friendly. That’s why its important that you follow good clean up practices so that damage to our environment is prevented. Let’s take a look at an environmentally safe way to clean paint brushes. Stiffened brushes are a nightmare for a painter. Cleaning up latex paint with water still makes for a stiff brush even after you’ve cleaned it well. So to clean up safely and keep your brushes working follow […]

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