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Ceiling Painting Pittsburgh

You'll Feel The Difference Shower Down From Above.

ceiling painting pittsburgh

Is your ceiling looking a little worn down?

Are you afraid to invite guests over because of the stains on your ceiling?

Searching online for "ceiling painter Pittsburgh"?

Then you need our ceiling painting Pittsburgh service.

We know exactly what it takes to get your ceiling looking like new. We use a proven ceiling painting process to paint your ceiling so that it looks great for years to come.

First we use special equipment to prep the drywall. This insures the painting surface is in the best possible condition to accept paint and give a flawless finish. We use proven sanding techniques that insure the result will look amazing. We use specially crafted tools that help streamline the process of prepping your surface that gets the job done faster while keeping a professional appearance.

Next we prime the surface to prepare it for paint. We use proven techniques that insure you get the most out of the prime and that it’s done correctly. Yes, you can prime your ceiling wrong. We do it right every time. The trick is to use good roller technique, strategic direction with lighting and the right number of coats. We finish up priming by doing a thorough prime check to make sure your ceiling is ready for paint.

Next we roll on the paint. We use special equipment that keeps us from fatiguing which ultimately applies paint better than a painter with tired arms. We roll using strategic technique that insures a professional, high quality paint job on your ceiling. We use a professional process of rolling that requires knowledge of what direction to roll, how much pressure to apply, drying times, sanding, and number of coats to apply.

Bottom line: there’s a lot of experience we put into your ceiling to insure it looks amazing and lasts a long time.

We know trying to find a company that meets your needs can seem like an uphill battle. We've been doing this for years. We've worked hard to build a reputation we can be proud of. And we have.

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Give us a call and one of our friendly staff will assist you.

Again, thank you for considering Pix Painters in Pittsburgh, PA.