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how much should exterior painting cost

Exterior Paint Price by Square Foot
Typically, expect to pay $0.60–$ 1.60 per square foot for outside paint. The standard for painting labor across the country is $30–$ 40 per hour before you pay for paint, painting products, location expenses, and tools. However, painting contractors will consider the square footage of your house and the variety of stories and factors in your daily prep job to get an actual price quote.

Price Breakdown To Repaint a Residence
Whether you have a brand-new home and require your special shades included in it or your house outside remains in a poor state, a paint task can give it an entire make-over. Homeowners spend between $1,750 and $2,330 to work with a painter to paint the exterior of their residence.

Labor Price To Repaint A Home Exterior
The average cost to repaint a home exterior is $30 to $40 per hr per painter. At two painter hrs per 100 square feet, an 1,800 sq. ft. home will take around 36 hours to prep and also paint, about $1,080 to $1,260 for the labor.

Prep job— Added right into the necessary expense of a paint task is a power clean of the outside, repair service of small fractures and holes in trim, as well as siding and priming.
Scaffolding/boom lift– Sometimes, you have to lease these if additional precautions are needed. Boom lift leasing is $825–$ 1,330/ week.

Repaint And Also Product Expense
Paint prices come from two painters in one hour and one gallon of paint/100 sq. ft. Skilled paint specialists will currently have the main products needed. The ordinary expense of low-quality paint is $21 per gallon, while high-quality paint costs around $70 per gallon.

At one gallon per 100 sq. ft., an 1,800 sq. ft. home using 18 gallons of paint will invest $380 to $1,260 on the paint alone. What quality of paint are you going to buy? Homeowners using low-grade paint will require to repaint every 4 to 5 years, while premium paint can last eight years or more, depending on the kind.

If you’re going from a darker to lighter or lighter to a darker shade, you’ll need two use at the very least two layers of new paint.

Cost To Paint Exterior Trim
The regular price to paint exterior trim is $1 to $4 per direct foot. For a typical 2000 square foot house, paint 700 direct feet of trim costs $700 to $2,800.

Expense To Paint Outside Door
The price to paint an outside door is between $90 and $200 per door. This cost depends on the condition of the entrance and the expense of materials as well as materials.

Expense To Repair Or Replace Home Siding
Some home siding on older residences could require a lot of repair work that it is more economical to change the siding instead of fixing it and repaint over it. Expect to pay between $1,550 and $3,050 to get rid of as well as deal with old exterior siding and $4,000 to $14,000 for brand-new siding and installment. Anticipate paying more if the timber underneath is wet and rotten and needs architectural repair work.