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Are you curious how our Pittsburgh painters go about painting the interior walls of your home with our interior painting service? Today we’ll discuss the overall steps we take to paint the interior of your home.

First, we do our very best to protect your home by preparing the rooms for painting. Great caution is taken to treat your home as if it was our own. We do things like put tape around any electrical outlets that we find. Then we tape anywhere paint should not go so we don’t damage any of your valuables and keep your paint in the correct places. We also carefully inspect your walls for imperfections and holes and fill them in with Spackle so that those imperfections don’t shine through on your finished product. We also protect your floors by putting down drop cloths that will make sure any drops or spills of paint are kept off your tile or carpet. As a finishing tough to prep we wash the walls to remove any debris that may get trapped behind the paint.

Second, we apply the first coat of primer so that when we paint it will go on evenly and not bubble up. But, we don’t just apply any old primer. We match the primer to the color of paint you will be applying to your home’s interior walls. This will save you money because you’ll need less paint to bring out your color. You’re welcome! We look out for you.

Third, we begin painting with your chosen color. Not sure what color works? We can help. We’ve been doing this for years and have an eye for what matches your home decor. Before we actually apply paint though we give your walls a good sanding to insure the primer and any patchwork is smooth. We paint one wall at a time so that we end up with an even coat that is seamless. If the painter uses a roller they’ll use a V shape stroke pattern that will eventually even out and look fabulous on your walls.

Finally, we clean everything up. We remove all the tape and drop cloths, clean up the brushes using a solution that’s environmentally friendly, and get you back to life fast!