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4 Warning Signs Your Painting Leads Suck

When you market your brand online, the ultimate goal is to always generate leads that will lead to sales.

However, the world is full of business owners who put hours of work into their digital marketing efforts and never see any meaningful sales.

If you feel like you’re putting in the effort but aren’t getting a return on your time and energy, then consider these four warning signs that your service leads might suck.

1. Your Leads Are Not Geo Targeted

If you run a plumbing company in Chicago, it’s doubtful that you’re willing to get on a plane to fly to London to repair a sink.

However, if you’re simply using search keywords like “emergency sink repair,” you’re not sourcing the types of leads that you need to be successful.

With geo targeted leads, you’re ensuring that your actual target consumers will notice you.

This is why your keywords should say “emergency sink repair in Chicago” and why all marketing efforts should be specific to your local demographic.

All of our painting leads are geo targeted.

2. Your Content is Out of Date

Many people who fancy themselves digital content pros like to try to utilize current trends to generate clicks and cultivate new leads.

While it’s okay to make a Facebook post that capitalizes on a current newsworthy topic, these posts have an expiration date, as that topic will not stay popular and relevant forever. This is why people who truly understand online marketing tend to favor evergreen content.

For example, if you run a business consulting firm, your blog post or free PDF report on how to talk to new clients will always be relevant.

However, your article about how to navigate professional networking events during the 2020 election season will stop being relevant the day after all the votes are tallied. This is why it’s important that you don’t invest too much time on trending topics or news stories that will have little importance a week from now.

All of our content is timeless which keeps our painting leads coming in day after day.

3. Not Your Audience

If you’re trying to generate leads by casting as wide of a net as possible, you’re not doing yourself any favors.

This technique is similar to trying to capitalize on current trends, in the sense that it might give you a temporary boost in traffic, but it won’t result in any meaningful sales. If you operate a medical supply company, you don’t need as many readers as possible, you need as many readers who work in the healthcare field as possible.

While the lawyer from two towns over might have found your extremely general article on a newsworthy medical topic interesting, she’s not going to buy six ventilators.

All of our painting leads are your target audience!

4. Not Buyers

You need to target your geo-specific demographic. You need to target your niche-specific audience.

However, if you really want to generate leads, you need to target actual buyers.

To return to the aforementioned analogy about the medical supply company, this hypothetical business would certainly want to target people who actually work in the healthcare field. However, a nurse doesn’t place orders for the hospital’s supplies, that’s rather the job of the hospital administrator.

Hence, within your audience, you need to target actual buyers.

This goes beyond the business-to-business sphere.

If you operate a t-shirt company that puts funny slogans on shirts, you might think that a Facebook page that posts funny memes and jokes might be the way to expand the visibility of your brand.

However, many of the people who like and share your content won’t actually ever buy anything.

This is why you need to look at the keyword analytics of your storefront and determine what search phrases actually led to page views, and more importantly, what search phrases actually led to sales.

All of our painting leads are buyers with cash in hand.

Generating meaningful leads requires you to be almost painfully specific and deliberate in your marketing efforts.

It might sounds like a lot of work. However, blindly throwing darts at the wall and hoping that one of them hits the target is a futile effort.

The more meaningful and well-researched your marketing efforts, the more you’ll actually see a return on your time and energy.

Basically, our painting leads don’t suck.

Give us a call and see for yourself!