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exterior painting pittsburgh pa

How much does a painter charge per square foot exterior?

Every painter in Pittsburgh is different when it comes to charging for exterior house painting.

But, all painters tend to charge within a particular range.

We’ve been around and done some research on how much a painter tends to charge per square foot for the exterior of your home.

Here’s the data…

The avg price per square foot tends to fall between $0.45 and $3.45.

Why such a big difference?

Well, there’s several things going on here.

First, the end points of that price range are painters that have no experience to painters that have the best experience painting the exterior of homes.

What you want to shoot for is somewhere in between, unless of coarse you don’t care about the quality of the job or the quality of the job is all that matters.

So if you’re just wanting throw on some paint to the exterior of the home then go with the $0.45 per square foot cost.

If you are needing the best of the best to make your exterior home look like it was kissed by an angel, then go with the $3.45 and not a penny less.

Second, the price per square foot will factor in the condition and location of your home.

If you’re exterior walls are difficult to reach or in poor shape, expect a painter to up the cost per square foot.

Also, the material they’re painting over may effect the cost per square foot.

For example, painting over wood is less expensive per square foot as painting over brick.

Painting over vinly will cost less than painting over stucco.

You get the point.

So now you can see that price really depends on your home and you: condition, location, and quality you expect.

What paint do you use on the outside of your house?

Painting the exterior of your home is not the same as painting the interior of your home.

There’s few things to consider when deciding on what paint to go with for your home exterior painting project.

The first thing you need to consider is where your home is.

What’s the whether like? How hot or cold does it get in the summer and winter? Does it rain a lot?

These are the questions that will help you decide on what sort of paint you need.

Also, how long do you want you paint to last before you need to apply another coat.

Also, what you are painting matters.

For example, any metal surfaces need to be painting with direct metal finishes design for that type of smooth surface.

For the exterior window frames and door frames you want to use semi gloss paints.

For the main surfaces you should select paints that are flat or satin variants.

You’re paint contractor should be familiar with all of this and be able to go into detail about the different types of paints and which ones go where on the exterior of your home.

If you’re needing the exterior of your home painted and want to talk to a professional painter, give us a call and we’ll get the discussion started.

We look forward to speaking with you.

Thanks for stopping by!