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pix painters pittsburgh review

Environmentally Safe Way To Clean Paint Brushes


Keeping the environment safe should be everyone’s responsibility. We at Pix understand this and strive to make it a standard.

When it comes to the environment, paint is not very friendly. That’s why its important that you follow good clean up practices so that damage to our environment is prevented. Let’s take a look at an environmentally safe way to clean paint brushes.

Stiffened brushes are a nightmare for a painter. Cleaning up latex paint with water still makes for a stiff brush even after you’ve cleaned it well. So to clean up safely and keep your brushes working follow these tips.

After you finish painting you still have a lot of paint on your brush. The first step to proper cleaning is to remove as much paint from the brush as possible by rubbing the brush across the lip of the paint can or paint tray to squeeze off as much as you can. This will make the next steps easier to accomplish.

Now if you are dealing with an oil based paint you’re going to need to thin the paint a little with a thinner. You can get thinners at most hardware stores. You want to get one that’s eco friendly and less toxic. These usually use environmentally friendly ingredients like citrus based solvent.

If the paint you’re painting with is latex based, then water is the preferred choice to remove the paint. The trick is not to only use water. Dish soap added to a bucket of water is the way to go. Also don’t run water over the brush onto the ground. This not only wastes water, but pollutes the local environment. Fill the bucket with water and clean the brushes in the soapy solution.

A comb is a brushes best friend. Sometimes cleaning the brushes in the soapy water with your hands is not enough to get deep into the brush. For this use a comb. Comb out the globs of paint deep in the brush using the soapy solution.

Once you’ve combed out all the paint into the soap water, its time to let the brushes dry. First rinse the brushes over the bucket to get any leftover soap out of the brush. Then shake them out and tap them on the lip of the pale to remove excess water. Then pat them dry with a towel to soak up additional moisture. Finally, hang the brushes from a hook in a place that gets air movement. Preferably outside in warm dry weather.

Finally, you don’t have to clean brushes every time you stop painting during a paint job. If you’re going to use the same paint, simply wrap up your brushes in plastic and they’ll stay good for up to 24 hours that way. If you need longer, put them in the freezer for up to a week. This way you clean them less and keep them young longer.

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